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Frequently Asked Questions

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I'd like to take photos at the Arizona Cactus Garden. How do I go about this?
While LBRE manages and maintains the Arizona Cactus Garden, when it comes to film, photography, and video requests at this location and others across campus, we recommend you start by reviewing this General Policy outlined by University Communications.

I currently reside in Stanford Faculty Staff Housing (FSH) and have a home maintenance request. Who should I contact?
We recommend you visit the Stanford Faculty Staff Housing website.

Who should I contact for grounds work (i.e., tree removal, shrub pruning, bollard installation, etc.)?
Please visit Grounds Services or contact

I lost a personal item while visiting your campus. What should I do?
Please email as many details about the item, your name, and contact information to for items lost at Stanford Historic Campus and for items lost at Stanford Redwood City.

Who should I work with for Historic Campus building maintenance requests?
We encourage you to work closely with your LBRE District Zone Manager.

I am a student who is interested in speaking to one of your staff members for my thesis and/or about available internships. Who can assist me?
We hope to support you as best we can. Please email to be directed to the appropriate LBRE department.