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Service Information and Schedules

PSSI sideloader co-collection truck collecting recyclables.

Service Information and Schedules

  • Campus recycling and waste bins are located throughout the campus.
  • Collection is scheduled according to dedicated routes. 
  • Each dumpster has a yellow or white sticker in the left hand corner that states the collection pick up days.
  • Recycling bins and carts are generally emptied once per week.
  • For information regarding service, service levels, or location of bins, please call PSSI at (650) 321-4236 or email.

Service Requests

To order services, submit a Customer Funded Work Request.

Extra Recycling Service

Recycling collectors only pick up what is inside of the collection bins. If you need extra service because of an office clean out, a special event, or an unusual amount of recyclables, please submit a Customer Funded Work Request.

Event Recycling, Composting, and Trash Stations

Special event bin sets with an extra compost bin.PSSI/Stanford Recycling provides temporary recycling, composting, and trash bins for events on campus. 

Faculty and Staff Housing

Click here to see your collection information.

Stanford Recycling Drop-Off Center

Stanford Recycling Drop Off CenterThe Stanford Recycling Drop-Off Center, located at 701 Serra Street, is open to the public.

Confidential Material Destruction Service

PSSI provides confidential material destruction service. We can either pick up boxes of material to be shredded and recycled, or place a 1.5 cubic yard dumpster outside of your building. For rates and information please call PSSI at (650) 321-4236 or email.  Submit a Customer Funded Work Request.




Scrap Metal and Appliance Recycling

Scrap steel and large appliances can be recycled at PSSI. There is a fee to remove any freon or oil from appliances. Be sure to follow proper disposal rules, including property and hazardous waste removal. Submit a Customer Funded Work Request.

Dumpster Service

Frontloader dumpster.PSSI has one to eight cubic yard dumpsters for scheduled pick up service and one time events. They come in many styles: counterbalance, loading dock, etc. These can be used for general garbage or source-separated recyclables, such as corrugated cardboard. They can come with wheels or no wheels. Click here for detailed information about dumpsters.

Debris Box Service

Roll-off debris box.PSSI stocks 4 sizes of roll-off/debris boxes. The 15, 20, 30 cubic yard boxes come in short and tall sizes. These debris box can be used for collection of general debris and construction material.  A discount is given for source-separated clean material, including yard trimmings, wood, drywall, cardboard, or scrap metal.

Construction and Demolition Material Recycling

PSSI recycles construction and demolition material like wood, concrete, and metal. Learn more about what construction and demolition materials are acceptable in this program.

Street Sweeping

Street sweeper.PSSI provides street sweeping services to the University.

Other Services

Besides garbage and recycling services, PSSI also provides the following services to the Stanford community: forklift service, welding and fabricating, equipment repair, equipment removal, pressure washing (including equipment and vehicles), large item drop-off and removal, hauling services, dumpster sanitizing, and compost delivery.