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Current Topics

The topics below are of current interest to the Waste Reduction and Recycling Program.


RecycleMania is a nationwide, collegiate competition to judge which school recycles the most and wastes the least. We recycle, Stanford wins! Stanford University has participated in RecycleMania since 2007.

Waste Audits

Learn about and volunteer for our waste audits. Throughout the year, we sort through the materials placed in the garbage dumpster to learn about the contents of our landfill waste and the habits of building occupants.

New Recycling Labels

Download our new recycling labels. New and updated recycling and garbage labels were created in 2010, thanks to Michael Turri, Purrin Phanichphant, and the Stanford Green Fund. If you need a sticky label, let us know. 

Videos and Articles

These videos and articles provide current information on waste reduction and recycling programs around the world.

Environmental Benefits to Recycling

There are many benefits to recycling including economical, environmental and social benefits. Find how Stanford's recycling program helps the environment.