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PSSI has one to eight cubic yard dumpsters for scheduled pick up service and one time events. These bins are emptied by our frontloader trucks. They come in many styles: counterbalance, loading dock, etc. and can be used for general garbage or source separated recyclables, such as corrugated cardboard. They can come with wheels or no wheels. Black dumpsters are generally used for garbage or compostables. Green dumpsters are used to collect corrugated cardboard. 

Dumpster Sizes

6 cubic yard dumpster 3 cubic yard dumpster

Frontloader Trucks

To get an understanding of the space needed to deliver and service a frontloader dumpster, please take a look at the pictures of the trucks below. Be careful of overhead hazards, such as tree limbs, and ensure there is clearance on both sides of the truck.

Guidelines for Use

  • Material must not extend past the rim of the box. Overloaded boxes are the responsibility of the customer to correct. We will not empty overloaded boxes.
  • Service for frontloader dumpster is on a first-call, first-serve basis. Please schedule services 24 hours in advance.
  • A non-use fee per week will be charged for all frontloader dumpsters not dumped in a seven day period.


  • No large furniture items, tires, tree trunks, dirt asphalt, rock or concrete.
  • No refrigerators, computer monitors, televisions, electronic waste or other items that require special handling or are not allowed to be landfilled by state law. We accept these items but they must be handled on an individual basis. They cannot be put in a debris box or dumpster.
  • No hazardous waste or chemicals.

More information

If you have any questions on the use of dumpsters, please call us at (650) 321-4236 or email.