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Project Management Resources

We provide resources and training regarding university policies and procedures for schools and departments that choose to manage facilities and infrastructure improvement projects with their own staff. These projects are known as Departmentally Managed Projects, or DMPs. We also serve as the university liaison and point of contact for our primary permitting jurisdiction, Santa Clara County.

Resources for DMPs

Every departmentally managed project follows the University's Project Delivery Process or PDP.  Throughout the DMP Project Delivery Training course, you learn about the processes and project phases of the PDP and how they provide a foundation that assists in the planning, design, and construction of projects.  You also learn how to engage with the expert resources to support your project through all stages of project delivery.  

Provided below are helpful links, tools, and resources presented in the DMP Project Delivery Training:    

Project Initiation  |  Planning and Design  |  Permitting, Construction and Closeout

Project Initiation
Form 1 Project Initiation Everything you need to know about the Form 1 process and the necessary approvals for your project
Project Funding and Accounting Explains differences in funding capital and non-capital projects and the systems and reports you will need to manage your project finances
Space Management & Planning  Describes the processes and tools for requesting and managing space
Land Use & Environmental Planning Explains the General Use Permit and what sorts of projects affect it, special requirements regarding historic buildings, environmental reviews and planning approvals for land use

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Planning and Design
Campus Standards & Design Guidelines Includes links and tools to help your project conform to the standards for design of building interiors, exteriors, and landscaping
Plans Review and Campus Maintenance Explains the process for plans review, the roles of the many groups on campus who are involved, and why it is important
Utilities and Sustainability Determine how your project impacts utilities, and explore ways to bring sustainability to your project
Environmental Health and Safety Provides essential information about the required procedures and documentation necessary if your project involves any type of hazardous materials
Fire Protection and Life Safety Describes the many functions of SUFMO, including inspections, plan review, fire system shutdowns, and assistance with fire and life safety codes/regulations 

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Permitting, Construction and Closeout
Bids and Contract Process Discusses the processes for soliciting bids, selecting contractors, and obtaining a contract
Permit Process Explains the Santa Clara County permit process, including criteria that make a project eligible for a fast-track permit
Construction Logistics Details the arrangements and approvals that must be made before construction begins
Record Drawings and Closeout Documents Describes the process for submitting  record documents and drawings at the end of a project; what should be included and where to submit them  

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