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For Stanford Students: A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning your Event


Note: For the venues listed below, the Registrar’s Office mandates that a technician to be on site during your reservation time. Along with the required technician, there is also a mandatory “Technology Replacement Fee” for the below listed venues. This fee is charged at $75.00 per hour of the scheduled event which includes any rehearsals. This applies even when no existing equipment is used.

  • Bishop Auditorium
  • Cubberley Auditorium
  • Hewlett 200 and 201


Buildings and Grounds Maintenance, Event Services

Reserve your desired venue with the Registrar’s Office

When reserving your venue, please remember to have enough time reserved before and after the event to enable Event Services to set and strike equipment, time to clean venue before and after event, and your caterer time to set up food & beverages.

Submit an Event Services service request

Submit a request for services with Event Services. Please enter in the "Step 5 - Further Details” section on the request form a brief outline of the event and an Event Manager will contact you. Allow least 10 business days prior to your event date for requests that as getting ASSU approval can take time. This gives us time to work with your budget, make modifications and receive approval.

Submit a request for clean-up

Submit requests for Custodial (indoor clean-up and trash removal), PSSI (trash, recycle and compost bins) and Grounds (outdoor trash removal and irrigation shutoff). Place a Customer Funded Request to order these services. You can list multiple services in the Description of Work field on the form, so you only have to complete one request. 

Approve the Event Services estimate and create an ASSU Purchase Order

Once the Event Services estimate has been approved, the group's Financial Officer must submit a Purchase Order through GrantEd. The event cannot happen without ASSU approval. ASSU financial approvals can take up to three business days.

ASSU PO Received

Once ASSU representative sends the approved PO to Event Services, the equipment and/or services for your event can then be scheduled and implemented by Event Services.