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Planning a Move


There are several pieces of information that Event Services will need to ensure that your move can be planned properly and completed to your satisfaction.

Buildings and Grounds Maintenance, Event Services

Time Constraints

Let us know the largest window of opportunity we have to complete your move. The more flexibility we have in scheduling, the easier and sometimes less costly it will be to complete your job.

Size of Job

Provide some detail as to what is being moved as well as quantity. If you can easily gauge the labor needed (e.g. 2 people for 2 hours), please include that information. If you are unsure of what might be needed or the move is complex, please request a job site evaluationan by an Event Services representative. 

Include Logistical Information

Let us know where the items are being moved to and where they currently reside (Building, floor level, room, address). Information regarding the surrounding infrastructure is helpful. If there is not an elevator available, only stairs, that may change the number of personnel we send to the job.

What is being moved?

Provide as much detail as possible about what needs to be moved. For example, if you tell us there is a large desk with an attached return that will alert our crew that they need to bring the appropriate tools to disassemble the desk. Indicate if something is fragile as we can provide extra moving blankets if we know in advance.