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Guidelines & Policies


Student Orders for Event Services

To use our services and equipment, student organizations must follow the procedures established by the ASSU (Associated Students of Stanford University).

For Stanford Students: A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning your Event

Note: For the venues listed below, the Registrar’s Office mandates that a technician to be on site during your reservation time. Along with the required technician, there is also a mandatory “Technology Replacement Fee” for the below listed venues. This fee is charged at $75.00 per hour of the

Timely and Last-Minute Event Requests and Changes

Timely requests (10 business days prior to the event) allow for advantages in planning, choice of equipment and services (whether from us or a third party), and are more cost effective. For large events, more lead time is recommended.
We will do everything possible to fill your last-minute requests

Event Cancellations

While we understand that partial or full cancellations are a part of the nature of events, job cancellations can be costly. By contacting us early, you may be able to avoid cancellation charges. Examples of such charges are preparatory work performed, commitments to vendors or contractual staffing

Forms of Payment for Event Services

Event Services accepts Stanford Department account numbers (PTA), Visa, Mastercard, American Express, cash and checks. Student Orders must be confirmed and approved by the ASSU financial officer. Payment information must be included with your request for service to occur. The approval of the use of

Event Services Equipment Rentals Pick-up and Return (Will Call)

Instead of using our delivery services, you may choose to come to the Event Services office and pick-up the equipment yourself.

Lost or Damaged Equipment

You are responsible for the equipment you rent from Event Services. Please ensure the equipment is used properly and held securely.
You will incur a charge for the full replacement cost for equipment lost, damaged, or otherwise altered.

Event Services Estimates

We are happy to provide estimates for your event or any aspect thereof. With your help, we can complete most estimates within ten business days of your request. You must approve the provided estimate for your event to move forward.
To inquire about an estimate, use the Event Services request form 

Sponsored Events

Sponsored groups and sponsoring department's cost responsibilities

Planning a Move

Moving Services are not available from Friday, June 3rd through Tuesday, June 14th as we are supporting Commencement operations.
There are several pieces of information that Event Services will need to ensure that your move can be planned properly and completed to your satisfaction.