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Event Services has a variety of the latest equipment for projecting images onto a screen. Computer projection equipment is geared towards PowerPoint, Acrobat or Keynote presentations. Our projectors have standard inputs that will work with any computer or DVD player. Your event may have varying presentation requirements, from a text-only powerpoint presentation with a casual small group, to a video screening in an auditorium for an audience of over 400 attendees. We can assist you in making appropriate choices for your event. We can also customize our projection setup to your event venue and content.

Event Services also offers:

  • Accessories and Equipment for Presentations: We stock common accessories and special equipment. Presentation laptops (MAC or PC), MAC adapters, confidence monitors,  laser pointers, wireless presenters (clickers), and seamless switching hardware for larger productions with multiple presentation sources.  
  • Media Technician's Assistance: Pre-event or on-site event technical assistance can be requested.
  • VHS, DVD, and other playback systems: using LCD projectors or displays, we can display any image produced by most common sources (DVD, Blu-Ray, YouTube).
Meeting Room LCD Projectors Rental Period
  2 hr 4 hr Day

Meeting Room High Definition (HD 1080p) - small to medium rooms with audience of 10-40 attendees. Recommended for presentations with lots of data, color detail or video playback (e.g. YouTube)

255.00 500.00 750.00
Professional LCD Projectors Rental Period
Professional High Definition (Pro HD 1080p) - Large venue with complex multimedia presentation content 1325.00
Projection Screens Rental Period
Tripod Screens are standalone and can be placed in the most advantageous position.


5 foot Tripod Screen



  6 foot Tripod Screen 42.80
  7 foot Tripod Screen 47.65
  8 foot Tripod Screen 53.55
Fast-Fold® Screens support front or rear projection. Black Ultra Velour drape (dress kit) included in price.
  7.5 ft X 13.3 ft wide Fast-Fold® Screen 168.95
  9 ft X 12 ft wide Fast-Fold® Screen 240.70
  10.5 ft tall x 14 ft wide Fast Fold® Screen 247.80
  9 ft X 16 ft wide Fast-Fold® Screen 257.15
  11.5 ft tall x 15 ft wide Fast-Fold® Screen 279.85
  16 ft tall x 20 ft wide Fast-Fold® Screen 345.35
  12 ft tall x 21 ft wide Fast-Fold® Screen 345.35
Video Monitors Rental Period
Stands included in price Day
  40 inch LED Monitor - Recommended use as a "Confidence Monitor" for large room presentations 243.80


55 inch LED Monitor - Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution



  60 inch LED Monitor - Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution 469.80


70 inch LED Monitor - Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution



Presentation Equipment Rental Period


Apple Macbook Pro Laptop (Mac) - When a dedicated or back-up presentation computer is necessary





Razer Blade Production Laptop (PC) - When a dedicated or back-up presentation computer is necessary





Mac VGA Adapter Pack - Contains all the possible Apple adapters to connect to the display system





Wireless Presenter with laser pointer - Slide advancer, sometimes referred to as a "Clicker"





Laser Pointer - Red





4K Multi-Layer HDSDI Seamless Switcher - Used to seamlessly transition or "switch" between multiple sources, e.g., laptop with Powerpoint switching to separate laptop with graphics or video.