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Lighting elements include artistic views of the event's performance, venue or architecture enhancements, support for presenters, audience assistance and event safety (parking areas, walkways, obstructions).

Understanding our lighting equipment and services

Technology Tidbit:

  • Instruments: General name for theatrical lighting fixtures
  • Ellipsoidal reflector spotlight (ERS): Focusable instruments, with sharp, crisp edges
  • Pars: Wide, non-focusable instruments
  • Uplights: Lights placed on the floor so that the beam is directed upward. Used to light plants, columns, drape, building architecture...etc. 
  • Gobo: A physical stencil that is placed inside or in front of a light source, to control the shape of the light emitted. The Bat Signal from the Batman comics is a commonly known use of a Gobo. 

Outdoor Events or Parking Lots: Our lighting options are very flexible, supporting indoor and outdoor events, in various brightness and configurations. 

LED Lighting: The benefits of LEDs lights are low power requirement, high efficiency (minimial heat production), long life and the ability to  choose any color on the RGB spectrum.

Planning Assistance: We can help with these choices, especially in calculating the brightness needed, the type of fixtures, and the required electrical power. Submit your service request and we will respond with viable solutions.

Large Events & Stage Performance - Indoor or Out: We have the equipment and expertise to provide lighting for venues throughout the campus including for concerts or special events.

Special Effects Lighting: We offer lighting for dances and the club scene.

Wireless LED Lights

Use wireless LED lighting to enhance and tranform your event space.  


Freedom PAR Wireless LED Package - 9 LED PARs, FlareCon Controller & Road Case. Freedom™ Par Tri-6 LEDs are 100% wireless with a rechargeable battery.  Each instrument has 18 watts of RGB color mixing and can be operated in a variety of ways.


Lighting Instruments and Accessories  Day
LED Theatrical Lights - Source Four LED ellipsoidals. The color mixing that these units provide is near perfect . You can go from saturated hues to light and delicate tints with graceful transitions. Choose any color in the RGB spectrum. Can be programmed individually or operated by the ETC software for ultimate control. 24.95

Gobo - A physical stencil that is placed inside or in front of a light source that creates a specific shape. Stanford "S" shown at left projected in red on a black background. Dozens of shapes & designs in stock. Must be used in conjunction with theatrical lights.


Light stand - Ultimate Support brand with crossbar; quick adjustment