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Event Services

Events are required to comply with current COVID-19 event modifications as described by Environmental Health & Safety, but are no longer required to register with EH&S except those that have 500 or more individuals. Event Services will confirm that any work requests with an attendance of 500 or more have completed this process with EH&S prior to providing any equipment or services. 




Request Our Services

Submit a service request to let us know about your event or order equipment. If you would like an estimate, tell us in Step 5 of the request form.

Request Services


Change Your Request

As the event planning process evolves, changes may be necessary, reference your request number and use this form to notify us of the change.

Change Request


2021-22 Academic Year - Big 5 Events

New Student Orientation

September 14 to 19

Stanford Reunion

October 21 to 24

Family Weekend

February 25 to 26

Admit Weekend

April 28 to 30


June 9 to 12


Student Services

We gladly accept student requests. For information on student requests, and the related ASSU policies, see Information for Stanford Students.

Academic Faculty

Faculty conducting academic programs should contact the Registrar's Office to inquire about the equipment available in specific classrooms.

For other needs, submit a Service Request.