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Rates & Fees

Below are links to rates and fees for various services provided by Buildings & Grounds Maintenance. Some fees can only be determined when we know a little more about your needs. If you can't find the pricing information you need from the list below, please Request Pricing.

Fiscal Year 2020 Chargeout Rates

Rate effective April 1, 2020. 

Garage and Machine Trades FY20 Rate Unit of Charge per
Fleet Garage - Auto $165.00 Labor-hour
Fleet Garage - Cart $99.00 Labor-hour
Machine Shop $159.00 Labor-hour
Garage Customer Service Liaison $60.00 Labor-hour
Fleet Service Station Changes monthly Gallon
Building Engineering Trades - see Building Operations for more information
HVAC $137.00 Labor-hour
Plumbing $137.00 Labor-hour
Electric $137.00 Labor-hour
Lighting $80.00 Labor-hour
Fume Hood and Gas Cabinet Inspection $100.00 Asset
Water Treatment $160.00 Asset
Supevisor $137.00 Labor-hour
Project Crew $60.00 Labor-hour
Architectural Trades - see Architectural Trades for more information
Carpentry $100.00 Labor-hour
Glass $133.00 Labor-hour
Sign $147.00 Labor-hour
Lock $137.00 Labor-hour
Field Supervisor $135.00 Labor-hour
Project Crew $60.00 Labor-hour
Key Duplication - see Maintenance Customer Service Group/Dispatch Group for more information
Standard $6.00 Key
Premium $10.00 Key
Code Key $45.00 Key
Dog Key $5.00 Key
Grounds - see Grounds Services for more information
Road Maintenance $103.00 Labor-hour
Irrigation & Construction $103.00 Labor-hour
Academic Maintenance $56.00 Labor-hour
Tree Crew $110.00 Labor-hour
Horticulture $103.00 Labor-hour
Special Housing $56.00 Labor-hour
Turf Management $103.00 Labor-hour
Field Supervisor $103.00 Labor-hour
Field Manager $103.00 Labor-hour
Event Services - see Event Services for more information
Event Crew Base $56.00 Labor-hour
Event Crew Premium $72.50 Labor-hour
Event Crew Overnight $105.00 Labor-hour
Media Technician Base $82.00 Labor-hour
Media Technician Premium $99.00 Labor-hour
Media Technician Overnight $105.00 Labor-hour
Student - Base $26.00 Labor-hour
Student - Premium $39.00 Labor-hour
Equipment See link  
Moving Services See link  
Utilities Shops Rates
Utilities Rates
Maps & Records - see Maps & Records for more information
CAD Services $72.00 Labor-hour
Geospatial and Cartographic (GIS) Services $72.00 Labor-hour
Map Reprint Prices:
      C Size Prints - 18" x 24" $10.00 Per copy
      D Size Prints - 24" x 36" $15.00 Per copy
      E Size Prints - 36" x 48" $25.00 Per copy
Mail & Delivery Services - see  University ID Mail & Bulk Mail for more information
Non-profit Permit #28 bulk mailing  $20.00 Per mailing
Additional afternoon delivery $150.00 Per month
Sorting fee $0.10 Per piece