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Guidelines & Policies

Below are links to UACPD's Guidelines and Standards

These include a variety of document types for use by Design Consultants, Contractors, and SU Project Managers in project planning and design. These documents describe standard elements, materials, colors, layouts and typical conditions, helping Design Teams integrate a project design successfully into its Campus context. 

Please observe the following notes regarding UA/CPD Guidelines and Standards:

The intent of the available documents is to disseminate information pertaining to most typical conditions. Review and approval by University Architect / Campus Planning and Design Office (UA/CPD) remains required on all projects.

  • Documents are subject to constant revision and interpretation. If conflicts are discovered in the course of using these standards, bring them to the attention of the UA/CPD.
  • If project conditions warrant modifications to the standards they should be identified and submitted for review and approval by the UA/CPD.
  • Architects, design consultants, contractors and construction managers engaged by Stanford University shall be fully responsible for their designs and construction, regardless of the extent to which the UA/CPD Standard Details are used or followed in the project, and regardless of acceptance of design or construction documents by Stanford University or its personnel.
  • Consultants are responsible for identification and compliance with all current codes and regulations.


UACPD Guidelines and Standards are separate and distinct from Stanford Facilities Design Guidelines (FDG). All parties involved in Stanford projects should be familiar with the functional details and distinctions between these document sets. 

SU FDG documents, managed by LBRE Maps and Records, are primarily for use by Contractors and Consultants in developing Contract Documents for successful project execution. FDG documents include standard construction details, specifications, and prescriptive guidelines that are specific to Stanford. See


Architectural Design Guidelines & Standards

Building Exterior Standards

Gutters - Please contact UA/CPD for more info

Building Interior Standards

Carpet Guidelines
Resilient Flooring Guidelines
Workspace Size Standards

Fence and Enclosure Standards

Dumpster Enclosures

General Construction Standards

Construction Logistics
Landscape Notes and Tree Protection - Please contact UA/CPD
Major Construction Project Fencing / Signage
Minor Construction Project Signage Process and Guidelines (PDF) | InDesign Template
Site preparation and restoration - Please contact UA/CPD

Signage Standards

Signage Master Plan
All-Gender Restroom Signage
All-Gender Restroom Signage - Main Quad
ADA Post and Power-operated Door Operator
Building Identification
Main Quad

Lighting Standards

Pole Lights
Wall Lights

Motorized Cart Standards

Motorized Carts

Site Furnishing Standards

Bike Racks/Lockers
Emergency Phone and Assembly Points
Map Podium/News Rack
Ash, Trash, Recycle Bins
Benches, Tables and Chairs
Shelters (Bus Guards) - Please contact UA/CPD


Arboretum Master Plan
Campus Drive Guidelines
Cement Plaster Repair Guidelines
Central Campus Design Guidelines, Materials and Color Palette - Please contact UA/CPD
Design Review Checklist - Please contact UA/CPD
Exterior Lighting Guidelines
Grounds Maintenance Guidelines

Working with the University Architect / Campus Planning and Design Department

Architectural Team Selection Process
Stanford Careers website