Utilities Services

Who We Are

Utilities Services is contained within the Department of Sustainability and Energy Management and consists of the following groups:

  • Energy Services
  • Power Systems
  • Steam Systems
  • Facilities Energy Management
  • Water Services and Civil Infrastructure

Utilities Services includes 59 professional, administrative and trades staff.

What We Do

Utilities Services supports Stanford University’s academic/research programs and the Stanford faculty, staff and student residential community with reliable utility services in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner. The team is responsible for the design, operation, maintenance and repair of all Stanford’s energy and civil infrastructure, as well as overseeing the management of the Central Energy Facility currently operated by Cardinal COGEN, a subsidiary of General Electric. Responsibilities include:

  • electricity production and distribution
  • steam production and distribution
  • chilled water production and distribution
  • domestic water supply and distribution
  • irrigation (lake) water supply and distribution
  • sanitary sewer services
  • storm drainage
  • water and environmental quality management
  • energy and water conservation programs
  • roads, paths and parking lot construction and maintenance
  • operation of energy management control systems

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