Trail Use Plan

Project Description

Under the GUP 2000 and Community Plan agreement, Stanford agreed to develop two trail alignments which are shown in the 1995 Santa Clara County Trails Master Plan. After a collaborative effort between SCC Parks and Recreation and Stanford Planning these two alignments were re-defined as shown in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2.

Three miles of the regional connector C1 will connect the Town of Portola Valley to the existing substandard Alpine (C1) trail in San Mateo County and recently completed segments in the City of Menlo Park and the Santa Clara County 2.3 miles of the sub-regional trail S-1 located to the Eastern side of Page Mill Rd., will connect to C2 Arastradero Rd. through a hill path for hikers and a road path for bikers. Additionally, the improvement of approximately 1 mile C-2 in Los Altos Hills will provide connectivity between S1 trail and Palo Alto Arastradero Preserve. The completion of trails will balance recreational opportunities as the Stanford campus lands are developed under the GUP 2000 and will provide regional connectivity.

Project Data

Unincorporated Santa Clara County, Unincorporated San Mateo County, City of Palo Alto, City of Los Altos Hills, Town of Portola Valley
Balance Hydrologics, Inc.; BKF; ESA; Fehr & Peers; MatrixCM; Olberding Environmental, Inc.; TOP Grade
Principal Planner
Charles Carter