Who We Are and What We Do

Who We Are

Heritage Services is led by University Archaeologist Dr. Laura Jones. Laura has been investigating the history and prehistory of the Stanford campus since she arrived on campus in 1983 to pursue her graduate education. She expanded her areas of expertise to include historic buildings during the campus’ recovery from the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.


Julie Cain, Program Coordinator for Heritage Services, is a historian. Julie led the effort to restore Stanford’s historic Arizona Garden and has a particular interest in landscape and garden history. She has worked at Stanford for nearly 30 years and shares Laura’s deep interest in the history of California and of Stanford University.

Heritage Services staff are supplemented by student interns and community volunteers who work on specific projects. For more information on opportunities to participate in honoring Stanford’s heritage, see Archaeology Opportunities at Stanford.

What We Do

Heritage Services assists the University in identifying and preserving historic buildings and archaeological sites on Stanford lands. At the project planning stage Heritage Services identifies potential heritage resources and provides professional evaluation reports for public agency environmental review and permitting. Heritage Services assists with project requirements including photographic documentation, construction monitoring, historical displays and interpretation of historical treatment guidelines.