Managing Stanford's Heritage Resources

Day-to-day management of heritage sites and buildings is distributed throughout Land, Buildings and Real Estate and other administrative units of the University such as the Faculty-Staff and Student Housing Offices, and residential and commercial leaseholders. Routine maintenance and small projects may not require review by local permitting agencies. However, the historic quality of these resources can only be maintained with care. Heritage Services provides advice and assistance in meeting the standards of care that these important resources deserve.

Stewardship of Stanford’s historic buildings is a shared enterprise: occupants and building maintenance managers watch over these important resources on a day-to-day basis. Major renovations are overseen by the University Architect and University Committee on Land and Building Development and the Stanford Historical Society is kept up to date with quarterly reports. Experienced capital project managers oversee the renovation process.  The University Architect’s office provides design leadership for these efforts.  Heritage Services provides assistance with building evaluation, project permitting and public education regarding Stanford’s architectural and archaeological resources.