Peterson Renovation


Project Description

As part of the Panama Mall Master Plan, the Peterson Building (Building 550) was identified as the appropriate location to accommodate three School of Engineering groups: The Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford (known as the, the Stanford Center for Design Research (CDR) and the Design Group of the Mechanical Engineering Department. The goal of the Peterson Renovation project is to create an innovative collaborative space where, CDR and Design Group faculty, students, and other design partners can work together on collaborative projects.

Building 550 is one of the original 1900 sandstone buildings on campus. Multiple additions were constructed over the years, transforming its original narrow rectangular shape from an “L” to a “U” with a courtyard in between its wings. Eventually the courtyard was filled resulting in a building with a large footprint and very dark interiors. The renovation project removes the filled in courtyard space, replacing it with a two-story atrium space. This space is designed as the main interaction space for the new programs and will be shared by all three groups. The original stone and stucco façades will be restored and exposed in the building interior, and light will penetrate right into the center through a rectangular clerestory.

The piecemeal modifications also resulted in a complex hybrid of structural systems, a patchwork of mechanical, engineering and plumbing systems and no clear internal organization. The renovation project includes extensive seismic upgrades and will replace all existing building systems with modern, more efficient equipment. With a long term vision, the project team has developed design strategies that will deliver a flexible, durable, and sensible building which will perform well beyond the particular needs of the groups currently identified to occupy it.


Project Data

School Engineering
Architect CAW & MKThink
Gross Square Feet 46,500 (Renovation)
Contractor Vance Brown
Construction Schedule Summer 2008 - Winter 2009
Project Manager Helena Cipres-Palacin
Project Website N/A


Current Activity

Current Work
  • Complete
Safety Reminders
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Notes For additional information on this project, contact the project manager, Helena Cipres-Palacin.