Visitor Information Center and Track Bleachers Expansion

Project Description

The project provides a new Visitor Information Center at the existing Track House at the corner of Campus Drive and Galvez Street, a key visitor entrance into the campus from El Camino Real.

The South Track Bleachers will be expanded to provide additional bleacher seating as well as newly developed space underneath the bleachers to accommodate the relocated Bookstore operation. The space currently under the South Track Bleachers is used for track team storage and operations for events at Cobb Track and Angell Field. In addition, the new bleachers will be provided with a media platform.

The North Track Bleachers will also be expanded to provide under bleacher space for a new ticket office for track and field events as well as storage for the track team, which is being relocated from the South Track Bleachers. Once the track bleacher expansions are complete, the Track House will be remodeled to provide new space for the Visitor Information Center. This will include a reception area and pre-function space, University displays and materials, and conferencing and meeting space for individual prospective students and groups. In addition, the Track House lot will be configured to provide a staging area for bus parking and the organization of tours.

Project Data

Department Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation (DAPER)
Architect Hoover and Associates
Contractor Vance Brown Builders
Construction Schedule August 2008-Spring 2009
Project Manager Mark Bonino


Current Activity

Current Work
  • Complete
Safety Reminders
  • Expect construction vehicles, heavy machinery, loud noise, and dust around the job site.
Notes For additional information on this project or other projects, call the Infoline @ (650) 723-5986 or contact the project manager, Mark Bonino.